Watch Out For Falling Debris
Look out for open manholes, too.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Relax. Watch A Movie.

My kind of guffaw, courtesy of my kind of bastard, the erstwhile blogger Shlingkeeshiyopaw. He's all buoyant and all heart, I know, but I'm certainly glad to know not everyone is into this fitness thing.


And, speaking of Fornicate Under Command of King, here's a most sincere and heartfelt fuckyeah to all the powers that be who made my step up the corporate ladder as vertigo-free as possible. Today's upgraded paycheck, which, I confess, is slightly less lean and lard-free, brings me no closer to my singular, unoriginal and elusive raison d'etre -- that of being filthy rich. But before I am wrongly accused of being a brazen ingrate, thank you once again, and fuckyeah to you and yours.



Uuuuy.Congrats! ECD ka na ba, pre? Heheh.


ACDC este ACD. Hehe. The Murphy's Laws on work ... err... work! But that's just between you and me. Hehe

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