Watch Out For Falling Debris
Look out for open manholes, too.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Should Watch Out For Falling Debris

The biggest scourge to poultry-kind, bigger than the avian flu ever was and ever will be, my dearly beloved Grandma, passed away quietly, in stark contrast to the violent ends of her leghorns, last June 11, at exactly 5:15 in the afternoon. She was 87. Though, her poultry farm now reverberates with cackling, crowing, and shrill squawking characteristic of the riotous revelry following the suspension of a death sentence, I will miss her so, her World War II stories, and her gourmet treats which were all, needless to say, poultry-based. Suddenly liberated from the proverbial mortal coil, I know she is carousing somewhere beyond the Pearly Gates, though never really straying far from it. Specially if tales about Saint Peter actually having a rooster companion prove true.



aww man, am so sorry about your grandma... and i do hope that she's having fun up there :)


My sympathies, bud.


Condolence, pre.


condolence alex. hope you're okay.


sorry to hear about your lola. :)


syempre, stupid me i asked why u were absent and you replied, to bury my lola. oops. well shes in happy place now...=)


A very late condolence, pre.


I heard, men. Condolence, too.

Thanks everyone.

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