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Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Sneaky Monday Prelude

Sunday was a day of blissful catatonia for everyone. Even the typical, chronically agit street demonstrator, who make an uneasy living raising heck, hell and an armed militia over something as trivial as a stray grammatical error, stayed home, focusing their hostile energies on afternoon showbiz talk shows instead. Such was Sunday for everyone, except mine. For my blog has caught the attention of the Open Minds, Open Chakra Worldwide and has invited me as a guest speaker in their upcoming convention in a seedy resettlement area nearby, which they claim is "rich in good vibes". I tersely declined the offer, explaining to them that my hands are full assisting in a soup kitchen for Falun Gong refugees. They never called again.

In reality, I spend the most of my Sunday attempting to breed a pair of red-eared turtles. A foolish enterprise, my next door neighbor keeps on telling me, insisting that both Danny and Shmee are female. Being the good sport that I am, I let him natter on until his lungs collapse and his B.P. shoots up to hazardous levels. Let me breed in peace, I say!



ive never had turtles, i was never allowed to have one... my mom thinks it makes the owner "slow", my mom and her quirks talaga.


I once had a turtle who's remains now lie at the bottom of a septic tank. That's flushing down millions of years of evolution down the toilet.

Whoa! Man, that's deep! (err... no pun intended.)

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