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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hiatus My Shorts

Very few things can be a sorrier sight than a blog gone derelict, take Marilyn Manson for instance. Now, that would make the rare, perpetually cheery individual immune even to Mondays depressed. Just to prove that my faith in ye ole blogdom has not dimmed nor ebbed nor eroded in the course of a month in absentia, allow me to share this gender-specific nugget of wisdom to all my fellow men, in true debris-hurling fashion...

"Man is a useless piece of skin attached to his penis." - quoth anonymous



classic that one!

how are things alexis? :D


hahahaha! u really are great at insulting your own kind. bring it on! its entertaining. btw, would this apply to the princess? ;)


Hi, Kaye. It's been a busy week. Even my sacred stash of bootleg DVDs is gathering dust and cobwebs. Which is saying a lot.

Julette, logic dictates that the Princess is a useless piece of skin. Period.

Joke. Joke. Hehe.


ha! incriminating evidence! i agree with you. joke joke. haha.

pink-loving peeps in the office: 3. me & shash included. guess who's the other one? hehe. ssshhh.


tsk tsk.. am sure princess doesn't have any idea how much closely (s)he's being watched. hehe.

=D you guys make me laff!!

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