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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Dark Side Is The New Black

Here at Watch Out For Falling Debris, we love cheese. Our love of cheese defies the natural order of things, the law of diminishing returns, and most especially, natural selection. Our appetite knows no peer, not the ravenous little shrew. Not even the French. That's why Star Wars Episode III will always have a special place in our hearts. We rate it a lip-smacking bon apetit, complete with reverb, decay and echo. The title Revenge of the Sith could use a thorough massage though. If we had our way, it would be aptly titled Star Wars Episode III: Sith Happens.



SITH HAPPENS! hell yeah! that's a good one. =D


haha! watch bikini open instead. hehe.
you made your template? i like it, everything is black & white.


Bikini open is yogurt, and we are, despite our unbridled love affair with cheese, partial to yogurt.

The template design is brilliant, I know. How I swindled it, now, that is pure genius. Hehe

Thanks for dropping by. :)

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