Watch Out For Falling Debris
Look out for open manholes, too.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Off The Beaten Track

Meet cocky little Boris. He is a scavenger by nature and by profession and we share the same desk. He is, before I forget, a German Cockroach. He has reluctantly taken up residence in the labyrinthine rubber contacts beneath my keyboard. Occasionally, he would venture out and traverse my computer keyboard coast to coast, from A to +, the brave little cur. Now, the default reaction to critters like my tenant Boris is a mixture of the triumph of the English language, the verbs scream and bludgeon, and nouns like makeshift cudgel and umbrella. But little Boris is innocent of such things. For as long as the novelty of Kings of Convenience in my MP3 player does not wear off, he has very little to fear.



we all have our own little tenants living somewhere in our cubicles..

theyre german? well i always refered to them as the "makati ipis". hmm.


german, makati...however you brand them, theyre still ipis. disgusting filthy little creatures that i wish would just die die die!!!! the lot of them DIE!!!

haha. im intensely terrified of them.


Utterly German, these pestilential creepy-crawlies are. Must've hitched a ride on the first few batches of volkswagen imports. Beetles and roaches. Ha! I kill me. :)


oh goodness. what humor.

i can't believe ur letting him live in your keyboard. what if he pops up for a visit while you're typing?

eww.. major eww. :D i'll have julette go over and meet him sometime! :D kiddin!


im getting tired of typing your blog address everytime i visit.. i will add you to my links :)


Surely. But watch out for falling debris. Hehe. :)

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