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Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'd Rather Be In Alaska

This is the biggest body of water I'd probably come into contact with, in a proactive way, for the whole duration of this tropical inferno...

The typical, heliotropic beachcomber, who has an innate aversion to things that require inflation, would most likely ridicule my piece of paradise for its glaring lack of sophistication and the absence of phlog-perfect vistas. But do not be deceived by the austere simplicity of my inflatable oasis. It fits perfectly in my garage. Civilization is merely a remote control distance away. There are no long picket lines to the shower room. It's everything I ever wanted in a dip sans jellyfish sans falling coconuts.

I have things to be vigilant about, though. One is the certainty of kids to relieve their bladders on water. The other is the inevitability of evaporation.

If this heat spell lasts any longer, I'd grow gills and soft leathery membranes between my fingers and toes.



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