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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Two Weeks In Deep Freeze

"When it rains, it pours" ... and when it pours, it pours like there's no tomorrow, fills up the floodplain, and makes you wish you bought that reconditioned U-Boat instead of the Coca-Cola vendo machine that does not give change. Now, once knee-deep in goo, you're not going anywhere. You stand there, wallowing in misery and pondweed, and wait for a pack of emaciated African Wild Dogs to have their way with you in a most harrowing way. Sushi. To go.

The past two weeks hotwired to work quartered, compressed and nutshelled.


Last I heard, cloaking technology is still centuries away from being mass-produced and bundled with your favorite breakfast cereal. Que horor!



"when it rains, it pours..." my exact sentiment for the day! patong-patong, sunod-sunod, domino effect...however u call it, fate is against me today.


i wouldn't call this "pouring".. it's gushing down! :p man, what a DAY! :p

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