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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Limewire Anonymous

I thank you, Limewire, for being the online download nexus hack that you are, of any file extension deemed possible: MP3s, Mpegs, Jpegs, WMVs, etc.

I thank you, Limewire anonymous, whoever you guys are, for sharing your music, your MP3s, your WAV files, so that I could relish once more the songs that I thought were beyond resurrecting. The Beat's "Mirror In The Bathroom", Tones On Tail's "Lions" and "Real Life", Joy Division's "Isolation" (and Smashing Pumpkins' cover of the same title), even the days of strut's Kraftwork's "Tour de France". Your concerted efforts have made compiling such lost treasures into a CD I now tap my feet to and lip-synch shamelessly.

I thank you for making nostalgic sound-tripping dramatically less financially prohibitive.

Because of you, I'm just a few tracks short of collecting into a CD all the music tracks of Need For Speed Underground 2: Capone, Terror Squad, Felix da Housecat, heck, even Paul Van Dyk.

In gratitude and in return, I offer you, through Limewire, the forlorn MP3s in my hard-drive, pathetic dial-up connection notwithstanding. So go ahead, grab a copy of the MP3s you like, they're free, and all worth the download, and while I'm online.

To all the limewire hosts generous enough to offer their boy band music, because you understandably don't have the slightest clue, and because I'm in a benevolent mood, I spare you your lives.



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