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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Garbage Bin Writing

To make up for lost time, I was about to post quotes from Nikos Kazantzakis' "Zorba The Greek", which would make even the most impenitent uber-sexist blush and lure the most conservative feminists out of their cubbyholes in search of blood. But because I have no wish to live life in a bunker ala Salman Rushdie, I dropped it, and went back to watching a pair of sea cucumbers securing the future of the species on Discovery Channel.


A couple of days after the junked blog attempt, I received an email from a rocker chick from down under who, in her spare time, reforms sexist bigots into mild-mannered choirboys with a pair of footlong sticks. She believes cussing occasionally like a vintage BB gun is therapeutic. I usually reserve that for Mondays. Or when nobody's looking.


She admits to frequenting this blog like a neuter-spared tomcat would frequent a certain corner of the house. Or something like that. Bottomline is, she awaits my first published book with "feverish anticipation", no matter how long it takes. Lady, if patience is a virtue, prepare for sainthood.


If I were to write a book right now, the first chapter alone would probably give any prospective publishers such a bad case of entritis stomatitis that they will all whither and perish with indigestion.



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