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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mind Of A Married Man

In celebration (somewhat) of International Women's Day (which explains the female glyph on the March 8 logo)...

A purty young nubile thing once asked me, once and never again, if man is a walking timebomb, an infernal creature inevitably destined to stew in Dante's depths for being the unrepentant vandal to the sacrament of matrimony. The answer was yes. Man is naturally polygamous. What followed was an impressive endless stream of cusses the likes of which may never be seen on this blog. Or anywhere else. Ah... the exquisite pain of validation. Tsk.

Blame biology, sistas, the root of man's philandering ways. Physiological difference. Man can pass on his genes and surname (ok, in illegit cases, only the former, minus the latter) even in the twilight years of his life, viagra-aided or no. On the otherhand, his sexual counterpart goes through menopause, and once through the threshold, her fertility makes like a banana and split. There. The biological mismatch is my first, last and only salvo at polygamy.

A man denying his genetic hand-me-down urges is a man constantly besieged. So, to the rare, stalwart, monogamous il castrati in heart and mind ... err... may your genes prevail.




not very comforting you. :p hahaha!


Ah ... but my email account is close to bursting with praises left and right from DOMs I hardly even know. Hehe


my dearest husband,
polygamy is not a case of biological destiny. its a choice to be faithful or not. in any case, i love you still.


my dearest husband,
polygamy is not a case of biological destiny. it's a choice to be faithful or not. in any case, i love you still.


Ah, twice the entry means twice the emphasis. I'll hide in my cave now. Hehe

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