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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Cranial Constipation

That's it. I think I've just had enough of pointless (and idiotic) pain-peddling, mental retardation inspired no doubt by Jackass Of The Highest Order, Johnny Knoxville, in Big (there, on the sidebar) and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (also on the sidebar), video clips courtesy of Limewire (again, on the side bar). Any more of this and I'd turn into a drooling candidate for major lobotomy. (Observe. The side-effects of this double whammy of vague mindlessness must be the obsessive use of parenthesis, like they were seasoning on blanched cabbage. Keen.)



Jackass is funny beacuse it is so dumb. i do not think it can make you feel dumvber. If anything then it would make you feel samrter beacuse you know you are not dumb eniugh to do that stuff.


Hey. That's actually brilliant. Bravo. My faith in things idiotic and dumb has been renewed. I owe you one, and thanks for dropping by.

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