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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Cryptic Crap

"Do not blog about your blog." says one site on blogging. Watch me.


I've been busily pouring over all the online notes, cryptic codes and everything that sounds, looks and feels absolutely greek to a man of my age and temperament, HTML codes and all its ilk, in the attempt to bend the limited functionality of this blog to my will, other than just to parade around my extreme dislike for radish, hype, Mickey Mouse, doodads that don't really work, and the word "denied".


But, in the next few days, there will be some changes around here. Guaranteed. Or your money back.


But progress, in quotes, heaves and crawls at a snail's pace. Touching base with HTML, and the many aliases it goes by, without the required stock know-how, is like cracking the shell of a walnut with verbal abuse.



wow. i like how this turned out. when you get really good at it, can you have a go at mine? hehe. :D snazzy template, alexis dear.


Thanks. You see, itchy fingers and an idle mind, they go a long way. And photoshop too.

Sure, I can Queer Eye your template, if you want to. Let's talk labor fee later. Hehe... he... he.


im so jealous of your blog design. as i said, very lemony snickets--whimsical! can u queer eye mine too? hehe.


I'm going to be rich! (Sinister laughter)

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