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Friday, September 02, 2005

Goblins, Rascals, Every Single One Of Them

I'm very particular about the goblins I meet. Real goblins. Not those simpering fools you see on MTV. One goblin at home has developed an unhealthy interest in shower heaters. If there's one thing I can not stand next to a drivelling Harry Potter fanboy, it's a cold morning shower. The electrician suspected a gremlin. Otherwise, he found nothing wrong. Taking matters into my own hands, I gave the odious scoundrel an alternative tinker-toy, one I would gladly part with at a moment's notice. To the concerned reader whose household goblins have gone rogue in the same fashion, I am happy to report that the Rubick's Cube works. But, just in case, I have Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace on standby.



good thing I prefer cold showers! cant stand heated water unless i'm in a spa. cold water makes your hair shinier! haha.

oh and i'm a harry potter fangirl. tho im not sure abt the drivelling part... =)


Some are more guilty than others. Hehe


am a harry potter fan too but there's no drivelling! hehe.

and the rubick's cube... as a child, i think i threw that out of frustration. :D


Any non-drivelling Harry Potter fanboy ... err ... fangirl is a friend of mine. To the drivelling majority who could not help it, my advice, drivel in private, drivel by yourself, and drivel briefly if you know what's good for you. :)

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