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Friday, August 12, 2005

Gaiman versus Caiman

I know fait accompli when I see one. Case in point: Brit versus brute. The Caiman has all the bragging rights any muscle-brain would die for. Among these, besides speed and raw power, is the conspicuous absence of social redeeming skills. Mr. Gaiman, on the otherhand, only has his Brit wit going for him. And about a million fans. While it is given that the Caiman will make short work of Mr. Gaiman, little does the Caiman know that among man's throttlehold on superiority as a species is his ability to stick his tongue out as effortlessly as breathing. Or cussing. For the Caiman, inspite of its gormandising talents, this is an anatomical impossibility. True. CNN online says so, and whatever CNN online says, goes.



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