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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Geek TV

My desk would be the arson's oasis. A stranger would mistake me for a workaholic. There's so much flotsam, layers upon layers of it, an ecological system is taking root I could tell. But work really has been piling up in earnest, my desk lilts and groans in sheer gravitational agony. During that one brief instance I had to surface for air, that rare weekday downtime, I found myself glued to the couchpotato's altar of worship. It's on Discovery Channel. I realized I've been missing out on my daily dose of the proverbial fact-stranger-than-fiction staple.

The Discovery program featured an ethnic tribe teetering on the edge of extinction. But what makes this particular tribe worthy of distinction, therefore, blog-worthy, is their off-tangent sense of fashion. What little remains of it anyway. The men of their tribe have their manthings casually concealed in footlong cylindrical wooden poles.

There. Fact is stranger than fiction.



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