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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

February Post Script

Is there any way to euthanasia February? It's an awfully short month, as the lifespans of months go, which should make it a big boon to salary-men everywhere. But February is a scoundrel. It hopscotches to the 29th. Please, give me a baseball bat and I'll make February sprint like it was leap year.


Failed relationships. Failed marriages. Happens. A lot. Nowadays. Joseph Campbell, in his opus The Power Of Myth, offers a theory. He thinks myth, well, at least the spiritual part of it, is an elixir of longevity to marriage. When living went from dial-up to broadband, the spiritual facet of our lives grew suddenly bulimic. He goes to the second largest population on earth to illustrate his point. In India, weddings take three days. That's a lot of curry. Anyway, after 3 days, nothing on earth could possibly rend the newly wed's union apart. "Cemented", according to Campbell.

3 days. Britney Spears got her numbers right. But got the idea all wrong.



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