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Monday, February 14, 2005

V.D. For Two

Casanovas of the world, unite. Valentines Day. Chocolates. Roses. Chloroform. Come November, OBs and their nurses make busy, as the world gets repopulated anew.



hi alex. hey, sorry but this has completely nothing to do with your blog.


diba you climb? i want to climb pulag sana eh. are you planning to anytime soon?


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Hello, Ms compulsive eater.

Mt Pulag to me is what the Holy Grail is to Dan Brown fans.

Given my age and the sorry state my health is in, my next climb, or much rather, my next crawl, is half way up Mt Makiling. Which is more like the knee of Mt Pulag.

What's more, I'm going up Makiling with the help of an SUV probably halfway up, with my trusty companion who's from SLG, the agency upstairs, who's also had an intimate encounter with stroke, twice. Hehe

You may want to ask El Diablo, fresh from the Big Apple. He's been planning to go up Mt. Pulag since... since ... he was born. Hehe

The closest I'd probably get to Mt Pulag this year is through the pix you're going to post in your blog.

Bon Voyage.

Eternally green,

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