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Monday, February 14, 2005

The Pause That Refreshes

30 grand is manna from heaven. To split it with 15 other people is madness. To use it for some leisurely pursuits, really lame ones, is conspiracy. To bet part of it in lotto, well, now, that is pure brilliance. Anybody lands the jackpot, we split it to 15, too. That's 5 million each. The chances are skrewey as far as fat chances are concerned, but since we're all screwed anyway, off we went, elbowing, muscling our way through throngs of sweat-stained millionaire hopefuls to get our lotto tickets. We shot off with our bundles of luck, giggling like school girls all the way back to the office.

That was friday, the draw was Saturday. To make a long story absurdly short, we all lost.

Good thing too, actually. I kept hearing voices in my head all the time. Lord of the Flies, they said.



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