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Monday, January 17, 2005

Stuff Of The Moment

Currently listening to Prodigy's latest, which has retained its I.D.-slash-signature as an adrenaline-propelled audal joy ride from first to last track. The very few electronica that has saber-tooth fangs.


Currently listening to a sort of best of album of Tori Amos. Piano and a little irreverence never really go out of style. And I still think her music video of "Boys For Pele" is beautiful. And drop the Delirium-of-the-Endless cum goth thing already, please.


Currently listening to Rush Hour, a compendium of street driving music, the CD cover says, but more like, the Queer Eye CD on steroids. To the garbage bin of memory this CD shall go. Not like Gwen Stefani's new album. She may not be as high-flying as Bjork, but the versatility of one song to the next is as varied as the local adobo. To those who have moolah to spare, I recommend it.


Currently reading Abarat Book Two, Days of Magic, Night of War. Half-way finished. The slow pace of reading is deliberate.


Currently following Superman-Batman, comics by Jeph Loeb and Carlos Pacheco. Bear with me. Batman and Superman, due to a major overhaul with the time continuum, the world's finest, as these two are often referred to, rule the planet. Tinkering with the time-space continuum is a tired old idea and becoming pretty lame real fast. But Pacheco's art is still one of the best out there.


Currently trying to understand the concept of Bit Torrent. Question is, where do I begin?


Currently, keeping tabs on the NASA space expedition to Titan, one of Saturn's moons. The Huygens satellite pictures are coming in. And they look a bit like pictures of Mars. Which is, in a way, anti-climatic.


Currently reading Time's People of the Year. And it's not some eminent pulitzer, nobel-prize winning genius. The award goes to ... bloggers.



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