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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Random Ramblings

Saw the music video of Fat Boy Slim's The Joker, featuring little feline furball city with its little feline furball denizens. Fresh from divorce, and in spite of it, Norman Cook hasn't lost his off-tangent taste for making great music and their video counterparts. Thank God.


Pro-Pork advocates defend the much-maligned pig. Versus all the vegans and pesco-vegetarians of the world. Dieticians and nutritionists challenged to come up with prima facie evidence that pork actually causes stroke. After all, has there ever been a pig that died of heart attack?


Infanticipation of Spielberg's take on War Of The Worlds. Drooling, involuntary shaking, perspiration and all that. The Jules Verne flick stars one of the two Toms that's becoming staple on Steven Spielberg films, Tom Cruise. The other is not Tom Arnold.


A Giant Returns
Hayao Miyazaki returns with Howl's Moving Castle. A runaway young girl in an old woman's body finds refuge in a castle that moves about on insect-like legs powered by a demon. It has must-have all over it.


Comics Come-Back
Thanks to the gravitational pull of the uncanny comics scribe el paborito, Warren Ellis, the finest form of literature is back on my menu of cursory monthly purchases. Starting with Iron Man and Quit City. Yup, the comicsphiliac is back in the fold. Oh, goodie.


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