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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Passion In Turbo Boost

There's obsession on one hand, and fetish frickin' weirdness on the other. I don't know where dot-dot-dot-philia falls, or if it belongs in a special category all to its own, but anyway, here's a whatever-the-hell-for list of the more peculiar ones I find rather unusual and generally unhealthy. Err... be warned, though ... watch out for falling debris.


acrotomophilia - Love of amputees

apotemnophilia - Desire to amputate a healthy limb

cacophonophilia - Love of harsh sounds

canidaephilia - Sexual attraction/orientation to canines

chasmophilia - Love of small places

coprophilia - Sexual pleasure from feces

ecdysiophilia - Love of watching people strip

ergophilia - Love of work

gerontophilia - Sexual attraction towards the elderly

Hoplophilia - Sexual arousal from firearms and weaponry

klismaphilia - Sexual pleasure from enemas

lygophilia - Love of darkness

Macrophilia - Sexual attraction to Giants or large thing

Mysophilia - Love of feces

necropedophilia - Love of young dead people

Scopophilia - Sexual pleasure from seeing things

xyrophilia - Love or attraction to blades and razors

zoophilia - Love of non-human animals


Footnote. There is a site out there in the net where macrophiliacs regularly chat, interact and announce garage sales. They exchange bowel-loosening fantasies of fornicating some dinosaur fossil or a museum replica of it. The depths of human sickness can be bottomless.


Sabi nga ni Tom Jones: it's not unusual to be loved by you....Mongenericanfeelya!

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