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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Paranormal Bits

I have always wondered why it is we of Christian faith, rock solid or otherwise, who are almost always afflicted by bodily trespasses of the supernatural kind. Given today's super evolved media, from cable TV to broadband net telecasts, I have never heard or seen any of our Asian brothers who believe Allah, Krishna or Buddha to be the ultimate good ever hijacked of their mental and physical faculties by rouge paranormal entities of ill-intent. Should I research more on this? Er ... I think not.


Malays living on the precarious gap that lie between urban and forest wilderness dread a malevolent being who prey mostly on child-bearing women. They believe this being originates from a stillborn child or women who die while giving birth. After such a death, certain precautions are taken to prevent it's victims from ... rising again.

One site recommends the following: Put glass beads in the corpse's mouth so that it can't shriek. Place eggs under the corpse's armpits or pierce the palms with needles so that it can't fly.

The cries of a baby is its death-dirge signature. Malays call it the Pontianak.

Any relation to Tianak?


Oh, a new job order. Que horor!


Supernatural ... not so super.

Xzibit, yes, the rapper dude of MTV Pimp My Ride fame, had this to say about things that go bump in the night ...

"Black people don't really see ghosts or aliens. People who see aliens and shit, they never see them in urban settings. Aliens don't fuck with the hood, you never see some brother saying, Oh man, and then there were some lights, and it just came down.'

"Niggers don't see aliens, niggers don't never see ghosts, either. Black people are dealing with too much shit.

"It's always somebody living in a trailer park with three teeth, a trucker hat, howling, 'We seen the light.' I lived in South Central (Los Angeles) and none of them motherfuckers dare come this way."


the shortest word is not only "a". Meron ding "O" mula sa makabagbagdamdaming kantang "o come o ye faithful".
:-) ho ho ho!

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