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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Put Your Brand Name Here...

If you've seen that TV Commercial where the celebrity endorser zealously, yes zealously, mentions the 3-syllabled product name like a vinyl record recently liberated from a nasty pre-pubescent, 8 times FengShui-compliant in a span of 30 seconds, minus the oh-so many times the product label actually appears on screen, then you've just seen a glimpse, 30 seconds of it, into my bleak, hair-raising dark side.

Brand name.
Brand name.
Repeat six more times.

Then, some of the really poor souls who can't imagine life outside the newsprint, the 30 second spot on radio and TV, who think an ad award is an achievement over and beyond the pyramids of Cairo, ask me where my creative integrity hid during the conceptual stage when this brand name mantra/monstrosity came into being. Err... What creative integrity? I must've missed that one way back in college.

But the mercenary in me flips and does cartwheels to near-vomitting with glee in this particular instance. How so? One Chinese proverb I've seen on a shirt (Ha! The t-shirt can be quite the repository of wisdom), steeped in profundity, comes to mind -- "Double Happiness."

The client must be extremely delighted, close to peeing his pajamas, oh ok, make that close to tears, whenever his 30 second cure to brand recall anemia airs everytime on TV. I, on the otherhand, get to frolic and cavort in sheer monetary abundance every 15 days when my ATM account gets replenished yet again.

My sign is Leo. And I choose my battles wisely.

If it's any consolation, I didn't really buy my dear endorser's polyanna act.


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