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Look out for open manholes, too.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Yuletide Paralysis

Shopaholic dysentry. Ameobic impulse buying pseudoplasts reaching into every corner of Makati where there's a price tag. Inflammation of traffic arteries, side street capilliaries clogged, cerebral palsy time bomb.

Choke point. Inside and out the mall. Shopaholics swarm. One mind. Hive mentality. There is, however, order in the chaos. Everyone moves counter-clockwise. Spurred on by the undearable itch to relieve the excess fat in their suddenly obese backpockets and handbags. There are no muscular peristalsis contractions to regulate the flow of shopaholics. Only desensitized security guards, numbed by sheer numbers of baggages. Entrance and exit diarrhea.

And they say, these are hard times.

MRT. Carting hordes of shopaholics to and fro. One night, one train got bogged down by the weight of shopaholics, now multiplied by two courtesy of Yuletide commerce. MRT, can withstand 90kph gusts of wind, paralyzed by a legion of shopaholics in heat.

This is Makati. Greenhills, on the other hand, is borderline cardiac arrest.


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