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Monday, December 13, 2004


Every company has its micro-culture and codicils to live by. We do. But because life is no longer as clear-cut as bad or good, there are gradations to the area that lie between an idea that can get you fired and the concept that could bowl anyone over.

Right below is the score chart (more like reality check), "borrowed" from a multi-national advertising agency. It hangs on our wall, yeah, just like a noose. 10 gets you a fatter paycheck. Consistently scoring 1 means you should think of an alternative career ... pronto.

The bobo-proof headline reads:

"How's our creative work?"

10 Best in the world bar none
9 New standard in advertising
8 New standard in category
7 Excellence in craft
6 Fresh idea
5 Innovative strategy
4 Cliche
3 Not competitive
2 Destructive
1 Appaling


Honestly, number 2 appeals to me most.


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