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Friday, February 04, 2005

WeekEnd ... Blog Ends

Fridays usually signal an end to blogging. Because domestic life is the usual, same old, same old. Not that that is a bad thing. Au contraire. Just that there isn't much to blog about, you know, the wife still thinks I'm corny, I still can't beat Mark my boy in King Of Fighters, whatever edition, my little Jiro, 5 months old that he is, thinks I'm always up to no good (in gibberish). And the maids, well, they think I'll bring my slovenly domestic habits to the grave. Though, my little dachsund is a little partial to me, I think. Those little scraps of leftover bribes still work their charm. And then, there's the nearby mall. And DVDs. And cable surfing. And the lost art of lounging around. Couchpotato heaven.

As a parting shot, before I ran off to pursue my weekend bliss, Milan Kundera sums up "Unbearable Lightness Of Being" in a few words: Routine is salvation. Not that that's my excuse. But it does make sense.

Monday, then...


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