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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Scratching The Surface

An officemate, yes, that's you, dear daydreamer, who's into this fine craft of blogging, gave me a nod to surface scan her blogspace, albeit, with the post-script fair-weather warning that it's not ... ehrm ... deep.

Welcome to the club... MY club. Please leave your shoes at the door.

I know "deep" when it stares me in the face, being its close personal acquaintance, but given the choice between a foray into the Marianas Trench or the absurdities in and of life, I'd go surface-tanning any day.

I'd plunge into the depths of the soul when there's enough vitamin D to go around, though. Makes living a tad more rich. Not necessarily more bearable. Nor, where practicalities are concerned, more convenient, remote control-convenient.

Just the same, everybody has a capacity to dig deep, beat Pablo Neruda in his own game, congressmen and senators included, and maybe, one or two celebrity stars.

So, blog away like there's no tomorrow. Here, we are beings of pure magic and visceral awe. Here, we are bullet-proof, heck, make that nuclear bomb-proof. Here, we are the laws of physics and fashion reality in compliance to our whims.

Someday, you'll say "Fuckit. Anti-static was right. Bless him."

I say, kneel, knave, kneel!


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