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Friday, October 08, 2004

The Epic Adieu

The joint is a no-no to claustrophobics everywhere. It was going to be one of those intimate despedidas. Hehe. Famous last words.

Familiar (and some, totally unfamiliar) faces poured in. In trickles. Then in droves. The sign in, sign off CD was there, along with nubile, young things, all the color of crimson. The human tripod and his ... er ... atmosphere. The Bomber Moran replicant, with a 'do that paid homage to the 80s, and his semi-mute sidekick, who remains, to this day, semi-mute. She-Pokemons, two in fact, in anticipation of a feast that would never happen. A behemoth, a close friend, would share their frustration.

The Jokemeister came, followed by his prodigal son, he who wore a perennial grin. My twin sister was also there, who incessantly fussed about my little Micro-Me. The ever late Honey Prince reminded me I should've worn a bullet-proof disposition. Along came the self-proclaimed advertising hotshot whose salivary problem is unknown to himself. Blogger Royale, versuswords, with the GF. Missing were The Bottomless Pit and the Barfly. And a few others, like the late-blooming college buddy, Kilometric Indayguapa, Simeon Sigurista and Pao the happily fornicated.

But, like a sentence that ends with an exclamation mark, enter frame The Maverick with the Master Showman in tow. Master Showman was true to form that night. Literally. Figuratively. Both. Ohhh, yesss. In fact, the Master Showman would be the ubiquitous mantle of entertainment. The Saint Michael and Johnnie Walker tag team was his unraveling. What a spectacle. In a word, twat. Big time.

Later that night, that powder keg reunion, I saw the despedida celebrant, Ms. Loyalty Unrequieted herself, outside, concealed by a pseudo-marble pillar, shoulders drooped, puffing away like she had all the time in the world. All by herself. I wished her luck, the precious few times I really meant it, and bid her goodbye.

The Bomber Moran replicant laughter, flanks close to bursting I could imagine, so and so meters away, was abruptly silenced as I closed the cab door and headed home.



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