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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Bad Fad

"I am known by the company I keep", or so the cliche goes, has bastard offspring by the legion. Among these, "Whatever goes in your bag tells a lot about who you are" or somesuch.

So, what's in my bag today? Lloyd Cole, sir, an umbrella, a clorets canister, a much-abused coin purse, a cellphone charger, a bootleg swiss army knife, a vanity kit that's never been used for vanity's sake. Come to think of it, never been used at all. And yes, nestled between the flaps of the umbrella, is a book by, drumroll please, Dan Brown.

Lloyd Cole, sir, yes, I'm guilty as charged, there's a fad book in my bag.

Need I mention the title?


Worth mentioning though is the fact ... all caps ... that my procurement of the fad book is by no means through any financial effort on my part. The book belongs to my sister, who, after reading the fad book, has taken a healthy interest in all things esoteric and, what's the word, gnostic.


Second, the inner deviant has resisted all efforts to grab a book by ... JK Rollins is it? My library is innocent of round-rimmed glasses, DC Vertigo comic rip-offs given a Hollywood edge. No school for preordained wizards. No broomsticks. No Slitherin. No magic wands. Hold on, did I mention "Slitherin"?


On my way to work, MRT this morning, one hand on the rail, the other on the fad book. The other passengers eyeing me with a hint, no, a glimmer, of approval. Reminds of that Globe TV ad, "are you one of us?"


Hold on to your prayer beads, devout Catholics. I'll be done with the fad book before you ever get to the fifth mystery.


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