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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Nicotine Tears

There's an adipose organ sitting somewhere between
the Cerebral Cortex and the medulla oblangata.
The organ is a Nicotine Receptor, that, according
to science, helps metabolize nicotine in the body.

How it got there, blame it on Charles Darwin and
his Theory of Natural Selection. Evolution in
common parlance.

I am guilty in furthering that evolution.
And so is Annie Lebowitz, who was quoted
as saying:

"If you can find someone who can give me
pleasure 36 times a day, then I'll quit

So many times I tried to deprive the Nicotine
Receptor its daily dose of bliss, and hoping,
in the future, I'll be rejoining the greater
population of the planet that shuns the nicotine-
and-tar combo. I have failed miserably everytime,
the adult pacifier already looking like I was born
with it. That nasty little receptor is tougher
and meaner, despite the adjective "adipose".

Those times are once again upon me. The receptor
must be starved or else incur the wrath of the Wife.
Inspired by the movie "The Insider" no doubt.

The ultimatum has lapsed and, after an exhaustive
parley, reset to December. Come to think of it,
the little bugger's more persuasive than the
church-sanctioned, God-as-audience Marital Vows.

The Nicotine Receptor is cringing in fear. So am I.

Alas, Ms Lebowitz, I may share the same hedonistic
pursuit, but 36 times a day is a bit too much.


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