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Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Flesh Is Weak

"match plus box, matchbox."

A highschool philosophy teacher explains how a new word is formed by fusing two, separate words.

"type plus write, typewriter."

I can not picture Socrates musing "bull" plus "shit" equal to sophia. Will this lesson have life-altering significance?

"Ball plus pen, ballpen."

None. Zero. Philosophy can be a very boring subject. 60-minute catatonia. This day, philosophy would be anything but boring.

"basket and ball, basketball."

The teacher, a priest, a rector, Father Feniz, careful with the pronunciation, carried on with his blackboard-written homily of two words equal one.

"ear plus phone, earphone."

I have a different philosophy. A name possesses such gravity that it could shape personality. Imagine the inertia behind a name like Father "Feniz".

"dog plus style, dogstyle."

The room fell so silent I thought heard gnats flying. Or the perfunctory afternoon crowing of a solitary rooster perhaps three blocks away. An uproar of uncontrollable laughter teenage boys make followed a few seconds later. Mortified, he herded us out of the room, giggling, to bask under the sun. But that didn't matter anymore.

Only Sigmund Freud mattered.


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