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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Fashion Sense Tingling

Fashion Police, give me a break. Specially that Nokia commercial showing a couple of la police montee a la mode. Give me an Uzi, no, a bazooka, the one that launches a smart missile. I've seen it on Discovery Channel. Ashes to ashes. Obliterate the equestrians, and the guy with the white socks, too. Spare the horses!


We have a TV commercial in the works, to be aired on November. The intended audience are teens, specifically, "tweens", the latest marketing buzzword bull, like Gen "Y", or "Metrosexuals". 10 to 14 yrs old, that age when acne, the adam's apple, and a stew of shape-altering hormones are all set to go.

True to his job description, my Art Director performs the sole role as the fashion autorite. My Art Director is also the peg, the fashion reference, with new-fangled nouvelle mode accessories hanging from his wrists, dangling on his neck, and body hugging Lycra shirts. U.K. trendy my ass. My Art Director is as Jurassic as I am. Make that Cretaceous. He is a 32 year old T-Rex.

I'm sticking with my straight-cut Levi's 517s, thank you.


The testosterone public is applauding the booty-enhancing hipster bootleg, bootcut jeans, the triumphant return of the denim mini-skirt.

And black, shiny mall tiles.


The condom has gone a long way, baby. From discreet. To bold. Condom wristbands, now available at leading fashion boutiques near you. No kidding. So, come one, come all!


The earliest I can recall ever having donned the Levi's straight cut jeans for the first time go way back during my senior years in high school. Looked best with a pair of gray-tone Travel Fox shoes. They don't travel no more. But the straight cut jeans marches on, right to where the flavor is.


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