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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Get A Lift

One day, took a lift. The elevator ascended in bullet-time, fancy schmancy for "slo mo". Feeling slightly claustrophobic, my eyes fell to the floor. Manufacturer: "Schindler". Hehe ... Schindler's Lift.


Another day. Another elevator. Bumped into an old acquaintance. Exchanged a few, mandatory pleasantries. Yeah, including the weather. Lift door closes, revealing a finely polished metal finish. Reflective is the word. And as we swapped pleasantries, she looked at her mirror image, incessantly bouncing the edges of her one-length hair, patting down the usual everyman creases of her coat, and not once did she look at me, not even a glance.

I thought it was rude. Vanity. Narcissism. It was leaking out of her skin pores, not even her fairly thick make-up could contain.

Haven't heard from her since. Must be sashaying in front of a mirror somewhere.


Elevators exert their own gravity. Some stronger than others. Feel it upon entry. That irresistible force that pulls you to the wall. Those occupants who find themselves in the middle, feel inexplicably ... disadvantaged.


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