Watch Out For Falling Debris
Look out for open manholes, too.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

I can't live without ...

... the wild ...

... the weird ...

... the whimsical ...

... the wife.

... Honest.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Life Philosophy

Comics superhero (thought voice):

"The day you are born
is the day you begin
to die."

So live like there's no tomorrow,
true believers!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Methane Interlude

Makati City. Passed through a 5-star hotel one day.

Went to the little boys room. As I washed my hands,
two proper gentlemen, perhaps in their mid 50s, walked in.
Parting their fancy suits, they traded intimate business
stories, joshed about in their booming bourgeoisie voices
as they relieved their bladders, in sputters, for what
seemed like an eternity.

But their zesty urinary repartee were constantly punctuated
by gas of gastronomic origins.

They zipped their flies, fastened their Armani suits,
and stormed out of the room the same way they came in.

Their voices, and then some, continued to linger in the air
even as I turned the faucet off. Mildly amused, I reached
for a stick of cigarette and was about to light it. But I
thought better.

Death by methane. Cheeky bastards.

Bird Brain

Courtesy of Discovery Channel.
The lowly humming bird flaps
its wings at a steady rate of
200 beats per second.


Silly ... Silly ... Silly ... too ...

This one's a contribution from an Art Director kumpare who,
one day, taking a breather from his usual staple of crossword
puzzles, mused:

There's a cheaper way to get to the US. Simply hoist an
air balloon comfortably above the ground. And, as the
earth rotates, just wait for the US to come by. Voila!


Silly ... Silly ... Silly ...

Pluto is a dog.
Goofy is a dog.
Is Pluto just dumb
or is it Goofy's a canine genius?


How'd they get to print those innocuous little 'ems' on M&Ms?


Heard of mooncakes? Ever wonder how those watermelon seeds
got in there?


A one-liter bottle of Pop-cola costs 9 bucks.
A liter of bottled water costs 12 bucks.
What do they put in Pop-cola that makes it
remarkably cheaper than bottled water?


Housefly IN a car. Car takes off. Will the housefly
get creamed and go splat on the windshield as the car
accelerates to, say, 50 MPH? Nope. Is the poor,
trapped housefly flying as fast as the car?


Go figure ...

The Mousepotato

I do not dread old age, knowing that when the time comes my mobility would've been diminished by rheumatism, I would be gripping a mouse on my right hand, surfing the net, playing my favorite game, and just being plain ole grumpy gramps.

Wow. What a way to go.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Get A Lift

One day, took a lift. The elevator ascended in bullet-time, fancy schmancy for "slo mo". Feeling slightly claustrophobic, my eyes fell to the floor. Manufacturer: "Schindler". Hehe ... Schindler's Lift.


Another day. Another elevator. Bumped into an old acquaintance. Exchanged a few, mandatory pleasantries. Yeah, including the weather. Lift door closes, revealing a finely polished metal finish. Reflective is the word. And as we swapped pleasantries, she looked at her mirror image, incessantly bouncing the edges of her one-length hair, patting down the usual everyman creases of her coat, and not once did she look at me, not even a glance.

I thought it was rude. Vanity. Narcissism. It was leaking out of her skin pores, not even her fairly thick make-up could contain.

Haven't heard from her since. Must be sashaying in front of a mirror somewhere.


Elevators exert their own gravity. Some stronger than others. Feel it upon entry. That irresistible force that pulls you to the wall. Those occupants who find themselves in the middle, feel inexplicably ... disadvantaged.

My Blog

Journals. I used to keep track of the goings on in my life, down to the most minute detail. No pretensions. No artificial flavoring.

I don't know where those journals are anymore. Must've kept some landfill denizens warm on cold nights.

Net paranoia notwithstanding, I suppose here's something a tad more permanent, the versatility of binary numbers. I could imagine this blog space I occupy now outliving me, floating in a sea of 1s and 0s.

Hehe. Freaky.

0.01% ME

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